PROCHEMKO, a Rust-Oleum brand, for the cleaning, preservation and maintenance of buildings, vehicles and industrial installations. Prochemko offers standard solutions and specialist tailor-made solutions for the most diverse cleaning and maintenance issues in residential and non-residential construction, the industrial sector and road and hydraulic engineering.

Prochemko is the market leader in the production, consultancy and sales of professional cleaning products.

Much attention is paid to continuous innovation and product development, in which sustainability, environment, safety and application are the most important starting points.

All Prochemko products are under strict control of both its own laboratory and research department, but the products are also continuously monitored and monitored by health and safety services and authorities.

With the brands Universol® Chemtec®, Prochemko® and NanoSign®

we are leading in the field of production, advice and sales of:

- General cleaning and maintenance products

- Aluminum and plastic cleaners

- Facade cleaning products

- Hydrophobic agents

- Graffiti remover

- Anti-graffiti coating systems

Prochemko regularly holds training and education in 1 of its own Prochemko Service Centers and advises, assists and supervises work locations throughout the country.

You can find the PROCHEMKO products at almost every paint wholesalestore, painter's shop, technical wholesaler or hardwarestore in the UK.

Clients who use Prochemko products are not only housing cooperatives, contractors and painting companies. But the Government Buildings Agency, Railways, Ministry of infrastructure, Real Estate Companies, Municipalities and Provinces also belong to the larger group of Prochemko users. 

In the production of all Prochemko products, quality assurance starts with the suppliers of the raw materials.

Prochemko works exclusively with a small group of reputable suppliers. Their products have the certainty that they meet its specifications, but Prochemko also places very high demands on compliance with the environmental requirements of its suppliers. The production and the end product therefore always meet the highest requirements and set standards.

A great deal of attention is paid to continuous innovation and product development, in which sustainability, the environment, safety, application area and surface type are the most important starting points.